Monday, October 4, 2010

What I Need: These Boots, Please

Let's face it. Summer is over. Sad, but true. I love fall...but maybe it could have waited just a few more weeks? It's dark at 7pm around here. WTF???

Ok, I should get over it. Summer will be back next year. And I really do love fall. I mean, I really do.  The colors. The apple and pumpkin goodies. The crunchy leaves. An excuse to start drinking hot chocolate every night (maybe I should keep that secret to myself??). Plus, a girl as pale as me can only handle the pressure of trying to be tan for so long. Let me cover myself up with some tights, a sweater, a scarf and.....some amazing boots like these!

Hello lovelies.

 (Frye - Jane Tall Cuff)

I think I also need a horse to go with these boots. And a hunky cowboy, perhaps?!?


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