Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amy Helfand

I've always had this desire to open a boutique hotel and have each room be black and white plus an additional, different pop of color. I think instead I will design each room around these rugs by Amy Helfand, with each room featuring a different rug. How could you pick just one?

They were featured on Ink + Wit yesterday and I just had to share. It was hard picking only these few to post...definitely check out Helfand's web site for more!


Amy Helfand said...

Thanks so much for including me here! And definitely let me know when you get around to opening that hotel!


b.a.n said...

I'm sure the hotel will have its grand opening in about a year or two. HA! Until then maybe I'll just get one of your gorgeous rugs for my house!

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