Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't Be Bitter

Bitters are my very favorite cure-all. Feeling tired? Headache? Sore neck? Dr. Josephina prescribes bitters to cure what ails you.  

Last night I sampled Scrappy's celery bitters. Delicious! And great package design to boot.
For more information about bitters, I suggest perusing the internets, chatting up your favorite bartender, or taking a DIY course, like this one.  Better yet, host a bitters sampling party! I also suggest carrying a little bottle in your purse. Mixed with soda water or spritzed directly on your tongue, it's the perfect apéritif to help settle the stomach before indulging in rich party foods and booze.  

In other food trend-related news, I'm hoping the ethnic doughnut trend really takes off in 2012. Thoughts?


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