Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recipe Wednesday: The Perfect Jumpstart to Your Day

Ah the life of a working girl. There is no rest for the wicked, really. After having over one week off to lounge around in my cute pj pants and watch Hoda and Kathee Lee every morning (I'm not joking. I want to join their show) it's back to reality. For the past two days I've had to get up before 7am and be a functioning adult by around 8:30ish...or at least by noon. Rough stuff, I know.

What is the point of all of this rambling, you ask? Well, I can't function without coffee (duh) and a tasty breakfast. Sadly I'm one of those people that eats her breakfast at her desk and it's usually greek yogurt with fruit. Boring, yes. But usually pretty tasty. Sometimes, though, I get crazy and break from this routine. This week I've been eating the best breakfast ever. It's simple and just the perfect amount of sweet and heat to get you going.

How does one make this perfect breakfast, you ask? Don't worry, I'll tell you. First, get a tasty bagel. I'd suggest a Gotham Bagel if you happen to be in Madison. Toast that badboy until it's golden brown. 
Now that you've got a piping hot bagel slather some cream cheese onto it. Simple? Yes. But this isn't the end of it. Who on earth would call a bagel with cream cheese The Perfect Jumpstart to Your Day? Not this girl. Lame.

This bagel will no longer be ho hum once you put on Clem's Hot Pepper Relish. The relish is a combination of red peppers and sweet onions which results in a magical blend of sweet and heat goodness. You could eat this stuff by the spoonful. What makes this extra special is the fact that it's made just outside of Madison in Baraboo, WI by Hawkwind. From their site:  Hawkwind is 75 acres of enchanted woods and farmland located in the Baraboo Bluffs.  It is a marriage of our passions:  farming, crafting our products, an Adventure Challenge Course, and Healing Center.

And that, my friends, is a great way to start any morning.


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