Thursday, March 11, 2010

For The Corner Office

My office needs a bit more pizazz. I refuse to have those lame "Dream" or "Believe" posters that are in every other office on the planet.

Instead, I need some of these lovely motivational posters! They are great for me to look at throughout the day and they will also motivate my students. Or at least get them to think I'm cool. Maybe.

(Image via etsy)

(Image via etsy)

(Image via unknown)
(Image via etsy)
(Image via etsy)

Oh, and yes I do have A Corner Office. Overlooking the lake. It's pretty sweet....except sometimes in the summer I spend more time looking out the window at all the sailboats. Oops!


Alissa said...

haha I want those! Well, a few of them! :D

b.a.n said...

I think you should get the first one....and put it right at the front door of the office ;)

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