Monday, March 1, 2010

Step Into My Office, Baby

Cute office supplies = more productivity. It's a fact. I'm sure of it.

A cool leather portfolio to carry when I attend events. Or just for when I walk down the hall.
Bold, bright notebooks that won't get lost in the various piles (organized piles, might I add) currently taking over on my desk. 

And because I literally have about 15 different notebooks at one time, I probably need one of these as well. 
I talk to a lot of people and need to keep everyone organized. Hello lil' Black Book!

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Organization is my middle name. And, when in doubt, throw it in a file folder. Preferably graphic ones like these.
Or these 


You can't have an office without a lil' bit of Anne Taintor humor. Meet the mouse pad that is currently in my office.

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Speakers count as office supplies, right? How on earth do people work without music?
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And the most important thing? A large coffee cup (filled with strong coffee).
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Alissa said...

OMG dont show me these things! they all rock.

and Bob, eh? i dont think ive ever heard him. weird, huh?

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