Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Bob Time!

What is Bob Time, you ask? Well, Bob Time is when I bust out the tried-and-true Bob Marley Legends album and play it non-stop to remind me that soon, yes very soon, the warmer weather will arrive. Bob Time usually occurs right around the end of February when it seems that winter will never, ever end.

Why do I call this Bob Time? Every spring during college, just as the weather was getting nicer (thank goodness, there really IS an end in sight!), people would be out on their porches blasting Bob Marley. I loved it. It was a sign that the end of the semester was approaching and, more importantly, summer just around the corner.

How should one celebrate Bob Time, you ask? Easy.

Play some Bob Marley. There is nothing like Is This Love to get me feeling happy and stress free.
(Image source
Drink some tasty beverages, like a mojito.
(Image via flickr
Or sangria. MMMM, tasty.
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And relax. Preferably with friends. It's that simple.


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