Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heaven In A Cone

So yesterday I posted about fireplaces...and today, ice cream. Why yes, that is random. Thank you for noticing. I've got diverse interests, what can I say??

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today in Madison. I had a meeting across campus and decided that since I was so close to the Memorial Union that I should probably stop in and have some ice cream. I mean, come on. What better way to celebrate a day that is a sign of good things to come (SPRING!)?

Babcock Hall ice cream is close to perfection. If perfection was frozen and came in a waffle cone.

Whoa, mega ice cream cone.
(Image via unknown) 

Avocado coconut ice cream, anyone? 
(Image via 
Oh so pretty ice cream balls!
Ice cream cone cupcakes!
(Image from 

Persimmon frozen yogurt. Ok, so this isn't ice cream. But it's pretty and sounds interesting so I had to post it.
 (Image via flickr)
Hmmm, this looks too complicated to eat.
(Image via flickr) 
My favorite. The always classic chocolate.
(Image via flickr


sj said...

Please send me some of that raspberry icecream with the chocolate on it!!

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