Monday, February 1, 2010

And In January They Got Married

This past weekend was the big wedding weekend! Umm, not my wedding ;) My friends Gina and Aaron got married and I'm not sure if it could have been any better. Ok, maybe the weather could have been warmer than 2 degrees or whatever it was. It was pretty cold running around State Street wearing this.

The ceremony, normally the part that I never pay attention to, was actually entertaining. Good ol' Father Jim kept us laughing throughout. At one point there were some major tears shed when he read letters the couple had written to each other prior to their wedding day. It is so great to really hear how two people love each other that much.

The reception was held at the Orpheum Theatre on State Street and it was a perfect setting. Alas, my amateur photographer skills meant that my pics inside didn't turn out too well. But this gives you a pretty good idea of how great the space is.
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We were entertained by a mariachi band during cocktail hour and then after eating the best meal ever we got to stomp our feet and clap our hands to a great bluegrass band. Of course, there was a lil Lady Gaga & Michael Jackson on the ipod to change things up a bit throughout the night! All in all it was an amazing wedding that they planned in just THREE MONTHS! That, my friends, is how it is done.



Alissa said...

oh lordy. my wedding will be the complete opposite of this. hers is gorgeous and looked amazing! :D and im sure that dress was amazing on you!

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