Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shoulda Put This Ring On It

Oh yes, I know. The song is old. But still so darn catchy. And yes, the joke is played out. But I just got out of 7 hours of class so don't expect much from me.

I needed something pretty to look at tonight to perk myself up so where better to look than Etsy! I think Etsy could really solve all of  the world's problems, don't you? Anyway, tonight I had my first jewelry class of the semester and I've been thinking about nothing but rings. Check these out. Though they may not necessarily be something I would wear, they are all beautiful in some way and are eye catching. After taking a class in jewelry making I have so much more appreciation for the design and effort that goes into make such amazing pieces. Enjoy!


Alissa said...

this is something that i really want or at least a version of it!

Janet Mazorie said...

Very nice finds on Etsy, thanks for including my ring!

b.a.n said...

Your ring is amazing! How could I NOT include it?!

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