Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet Eloise & Ramona

Meet the Flapper Doodle girls! Eloise & Ramona are busy and very talented. Though Ramona seems to beat out Eloise when it comes to sports!

I love these girls and all of the adventures they have. Are they not the cutest?

The girls making snow angels...maybe they are in DC???

Buzzing around town on the powder blue Vespa. Always in style.

Eloise practicing her OMMMMMMMMMM. Maybe she is really thinking about Happy Hour??

Eloise time travels to 1963 but gets caught in the rain. Thank goodness she has her parapluie. 

Ramona wears her cloche hat. And probably this lipstick.
(All images via Kate Gabrielle)


My Owl Barn said...

I like Flapper Doodle's work. These drawings are cute!

b.a.n said...

Yes they are! And you know what else is cute??? Your blog! I love all of the owls...especially the Nanbu Tekki figurines. They are gorgeous.

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