Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ruby Woo-Hoo!

One of my goals for 2010 (still working on finalizing that list!) is to embrace my pale skin. If you know me then you've probably heard me complain about how extremely pale I am and how you can practically see through me. Well, no more. I'm embracing my Nordic roots and am going to attempt to enhance my "unique" look!

How am I going to do this, you wonder? Enter Ruby Woo, this seriously glamorous, daring and oh-so-fabulous lip color. It's one of MAC's bestsellers.

(Image via
I've always loved the look of girls who have pale skin and bright red lips but have never attempted the look myself. Until last night, that is. I saw this color on a friend and she went from looking sweet and innocent to being the sexy salsa queen.

Though it didn't help me become a salsa champion (even the greatest lipstick on earth can only do so much to improve a girl's life) I did feel like I was on my way to becoming the new and improved me. Just call me B Von Teese.

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