Saturday, January 2, 2010

1 Down, 364 To Go!

What better way to start the new year than by having a fun-filled day of shopping and eating with a friend?

My friend and I went out for a few hours to buy a bachelorette gift for our friend who is getting married very soon (we'll both be wearing this sweet bridesmaid dress). We got the cutest skivvies at Macy's and then the most gorgeous robe at Anthropologie (of course!). Is it not the perfect sweet & sexy robe for our lil' hippie bride??

(Image from 
I sometimes just can't stand how perfect everything is in Anthropologie, including the actual store and it's design. Not everything is my style but I still absolutely love the colors and the details. But alas, the price tags are not perfect and my money should be spent in better ways.

After a pitstop in the suburbs (yes, you read that right) to fill our bellies we headed to Barnes & Noble and I finally broke down and bought this book that I always read whenever I go to a bookstore.  I want to go to (and live in!) Silver Lake and this is the closest I may get.

(Image from

Now, time to perfect my MixTape to send to friends.


sj said...

Alright, you've saved me from getting this. I totally thought it was a dress. It's bad enough that I wear my Cuddle Duds out in public as stretch pants...

Anonymous said...
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b.a.n said...

No, you could wear it as a dress! And with your Cuddle Duds underneath!
Go and buy it. Now.

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