Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wild Wild West Team Tour

The Team is heading to the Wild Wild West. But where to, exactly, is yet to be known.

Who the heck is The Team, you ask? The Team (yes, must be written in all caps) is my group of friends, five of us to be exact, that I have known since college. After college we parted ways, some of us farther away than others, but like boomerangs we have all magically returned to the Midwest.

Since college we have had our annual Team Tour where we get together in one of our respective cities for a weekend of eating, drinking and shopping. Each Tour ends up being remembered in some way, such as, "The Team Tour Where Jones Had To Get A Pirate Patch." Yes, this seriously happened. Arrghhh, memories.

This year we are mixing it up. Moneyapolis, Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago can no longer handle us. Time to take The Tour 'round the world.

To add more excitement all future Team Tours are going to be surprise trips. Yes, we were inspired by an article in an issue of Real Simple last year. One of us plans it and the rest are kept in the dark until right before lift-off...or a few weeks prior for those who don't like surprises! I, personally, don't want to know where we are going until we are at the airport! I've always wanted to take a trip like that.

Clues so far:
Clue #1 : Our destination is to the West of Wisconsin
Clue #2: You will need to bring a swimsuit : This clue is now being retracted. You don't really NEED to have one.
New Clue: A portion of our trip will involve camping somewhere really cool.

So far I am clueless (hahaha!) about where we may be going. Maybe New Mexico? Montana perhaps?  My friend planning the trip loves Utah but I'm pretty sure we are going somewhere she's never been. I think.

All I know is that I hope our camping involves an Airstream. Awesome, no?

(Image via lhaas)
Now, what does a girl pack when she has no clue about her final destination? 


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