Wednesday, January 6, 2010


At my very small high school (40 kids in my class) in my very small town (population 508) we were taught French as our foreign language. Why yes, we were cultured and sophisticated! Oh wait...

Somehow all I have remembered over the past 10 years, besides the typical phrases of bonjour, aujourd'hui, etc., is the word parapluie! It is my favorite French word.

I've been motivated recently to improve my skills. Why?  So I can read Marie Claire Maison and understand what they are saying about the unbelievable photos.

Plus, if I am going to have a vacation house like this I should probably know how to say more than just J'aime mon parapluie. Oh, and I should probably learn to love being surrounded by neon pink.


(Images from Marie Claire Maison)

On second thought learning a language seems like a lot of work. I'll stick to drooling over the photos in each issue and making up my own descriptions.


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