Monday, January 18, 2010

My Goals For 2010!

Because I work in education my schedule is based on the academic calendar so instead of posting this a few weeks ago at the beginning of the year I decided I would instead post it at the beginning of the semester which starts tomorrow!

I present to you My Goals for 2010 & Beyond:

Learn to take a great photograph.  Straight and to the point.

Create. Spend more time creating my own things rather than reading about other people doing it!

Career. Do informational interviews with people who inspire me and are in careers that I may want to pursue. Not get frustrated with my "I should have done this 10 years ago" attitude. Enjoy class even if it stresses me out. I love learning but hate the homework and exam aspect of school! 

Save money! This is always a goal of mine but I like "stuff." It's hard. But I am inspired by so many design & fashion blogs that focus on vintage & thrifted items so I know that a person can be surrounded by beautiful things even if these things aren't brand spankin' new.

Garden. Grow a few veggies for myself this summer.  

(Image via syrendell

 Maintain positive attitude. I can be a cynical person but over the past few years I have really tried to change this mentality and surround myself with other positive people. I really want to focus on the positives of others rather than finding their faults. Just as important, I want to be more positive about myself. I tend to dwell on the past and think of all the mistakes I made (see Career goal!) and compare myself to others. In my mind everyone has a more fabulous life than I do. Envy is one of my most unattractive traits I possess. My goal is to stop being this way!

Health. Continue going to the gym on a regular basis even if I get overwhelmed with work and school. Run a few 5K's. Complete Bike the Barns again (and be able to bike up every hill!).

(Image via
Blog (almost) daily. Conquer writer's block and improve my writing skills. They've gotten rusty since graduating from J-school years ago! Write about what I like and what I love and what inspires me rather than what I think others will like. Use blogging as a way to connect with others, to offer and gain support, advice and encouragement.


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Is that your jewelry? It is gorgeous. I think these are all respectable and achievable goals!

b.a.n said...

Yes it is my jewelry! Thanks for the compliment. I've got big plans to make more!

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