Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Not A Quitter. No. I'm. Not.

I've been tempted to quit this little blog project. I wonder what the point of it is, really. Who actually reads this frivolous thing and why do I spend so much time on it? One of my goals was to post daily. I thought it would be easy-peasy but not so much!

The few people who actually read it won't let me quit. So, for all seven of you, I'll continue! Plus, I really set out to do it for myself as a place to post all the things that inspire me and so I should keep at it.

Of course, I compare myself to other bloggers out there who do this full-time or work in creative fields and are surrounded by daily inspiration. Oh, and it seems that almost every blogger has advertisers! I'm just one girl living in a little city posting about a few things that I like. And have seven people who read this.

I also don't want to be one of those people who just regurgitates stuff from other people's blogs (that have been reposted from other blogs...which have been reposted from other blogs...and, well, you get the picture). How unoriginal. But, sometimes I will post things I see on other blogs and I'm ok with that!

Alright, enough rambling. Moral of the story - I'm going to keep trying to post regularly (when I'm feeling inspired) and I'm going to have fun with this and not worry about all that other stuff that doesn't matter. I've got people relying on me!

Phew! That was quite the rambling for sure.

Now I must recover from my lovely weekend where I spent a few days at home and a few days in Minneapolis. Oh, how I miss the city. I had a good time catching up with friends and visiting with my old buddies at work (totally worth the $42 parking ticket! Oy.).

But, I failed to indulge in a Grain Belt or two! The horror.
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sj said...

Awww! I had fun catching up with you too! You should have told me you wanted a Grain Belt!! The new NORDEAST version is coming out soon! I'll send you some ;)

Alissa said...

A ticket?? Oh man! It was great to see ya.

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