Thursday, April 1, 2010

Biking In Style

I've busted out my lil' blue bike for the season and am ready to buzz around the streets of Madison. Watch out!

As with everything I do, I must do it in style. I can't help myself.

I've already got the Carrie Bike Basket, probably one of the most stylish bike baskets I've found. It's not really meant to hold anything too heavy so I may have to do a little handiwork on it this summer to make it more durable. But how perfect is this for the farmer's market?
 (Image via FinnishDesignShop)

Another great option is this Alexandra Cassaniti Bicycle Bag. Perfect for a bit of cash, sunglasses, and whatever else I need for a quick ride to Mickey's for a beer!
(Image via ooga booga

Some panniers for the back of the bike, perhaps?
 (Image via Cycle Chic)

Or one of these super stylish Po Campo bags?
 (Image via Supermarket)

Ding ding, here I come!
(Image via flickr

U-Lock holster. Who knew there was such a thing?
 (Image via etsy)

Safety first! Gotta have some lights on that bike. Hello, knog frog.

Oh, and don't forget about the reflective ankle spats! Every girl should have a pair.

(Image via Cycle Chic)


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