Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I Want: Cool Cosmetic Case

Getting up in the morning at 5:50 am to work out can be rough sometimes. Surprisingly, I've done a pretty good job of getting up at least three mornings a week, if not four. Sometimes, though, a girl just needs to lay in bed for a little bit longer!

After my work out I'm usually feeling that euphoric work out high. That is, until I walk back into the ugly locker room. Locker rooms aren't known for style, that's for sure.  To bring a little style to my morning gym time, a new cosmetics case might be just what I need!

Cox & Cox (ok, so this is actually a pencil case. But I'd use it for my make up!)
 (Image from Cox & Cox, found via Decor8)

Now, if I were really fancy and wanted to spend $80 or more on a cosmetic case I might get one of these!

Felix Ray

Kate Spade

Tory Burch
(Last three images via Bloomingdales)
Marc Jacobs 
(Image via Zappos)


Alissa said...

Wow. Getting up at 530a to workout? Rock on. I found out I workout better in the afternoon. Def not at night tho...I'm too tired by then :)

Anyways good job!

sj said...

I love the MPsen pouches! My new favorite Etsy shop! Thanks for the find.

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