Monday, November 23, 2009

Mad for Madison

I moved back to Madison about 6 months ago and it's like I never left. And also like I moved to a brand new city that requires serious exploration.

During my first stint in Madison I was a student. I spent 4 1/2 years trying to enjoy as much of the city as I could. Or at least as much of the Plaza as I could...

Back then I knew there was so much to do but I never got around to doing it all. Damn P-L-A-Z-A.

This time around I am determined to explore every nook and cranny (or kranny?) of the city. Don't worry, dear friends, I will chronicle every adventure so you feel like you were there. I'm big on details. Maybe a little overboard.

Madison, like a good friend who is part of every phase of your life, has changed a bit while I was away. There are multiple condos built up around the Capital Square and more high-rise apartment buildings on campus. Many of the cute, old houses are no longer.

I think this change is good; it makes Madison feel more like a "city," which is something I missed after moving from a larger city. Madison is consistently featured in many "Best of" lists and I see these changes as only keeping us on those lists.

The music scene in Madison, which has always been great, is also improving. There is still a huge hippie/bluegrass/folk scene. That will never change. But it seems that the range of local artists, as well as those coming to perform in Madison, is growing. Forward Music Fest is proof.

Madison will always be Madison. It's 77 square miles surrounded by reality. And it will always have the reputation of being an extremely liberal city populated by dirty hippies. That will certainly never change! Phew.

Why, might you ask, did I move back to Madison? Brat Fest.

(Photograph from The Center on Education and Work)


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