Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mocha and MMoCA

It was a gorgeous fall day in Madison today. And a busy one! I woke up and finished a home project that has been in the works for a very long time. My house projects will be another (few) post(s). They are never ending.

After that I went with a friend to Burnie's Rock Shop. Burnie's is the mecca of rocks and gems. It's not a huge store but it has every type of metal, rock, stone, bead, etc. that you would need to make jewelry. If you want instant gratification Burnie's also sells jewelry - the selection of amber jewelry is out of this world.

I bought some stuff to make a new ring and then we were on our way to Michelangelos for coffee and a lil treat. Croissants and coffee make for a good day. Before making our way to the Holiday Art Fair we made a pit stop at Anthology and Little Luxuries, two great (probably the best) boutique/gift/craft shops on State St. More about them another time, though!

And then it was off to the Madison Museum of Modern Art aka MMoCA. I have yet to spend quality time in MMoCA. Don't worry, though. It's on my list of things to do.

The Holiday Art Fair was very similar, albeit smaller, than the summer Art Fair on the Square. For the most part it is not art I like. Jewelry and odd wall decor that is too whimsical and looks like it' made for crazy ladies with cats. And do people really wear fun fur scarves? Blech.

Yet, there were a few gems. Nick Wroblewski is a woodcut
printmaker and he had some pretty amazing pieces. I loved the color.

Another artist, Dylan Punke, had some interesting photography that I loved because it reminded me of home. Old farmhouses and lonely paths through the woods. Now, before you start to think "ugh, not more of THAT" hear me out. It was freakin' cool even if his web site does not do his art justice.

There were also a few artists selling some unique jewelry....but I can't seem to find their cards. We'll keep them for another post since this is reaching novel length ;)

All around it was a fun day. But, the real fun has yet to start. Dinner party!


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