Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Recap. Tired just remembering it all...

With a belly full of fajita-goodness I can now do a recap of the great weekend I had. It was jam-packed!

Wednesday I went to a much-needed Happy Hour at Opus Lounge. My friend and I had willpower and did not have the chocolate fondue. Normally, though, it is a MUST.

Thursday I went to a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of one of my coworkers. Countries represented: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Poland, France, Canada.

Black Friday. Yikes.

The Milwaukee adventure took place on Saturday. The Warhol exhibit was impressive, in my opinion. The color, the variety, the urine. I loved it.

After the MAM we ventured to Art vs. Craft. What a freakin' zoo. It wore us out and we had to venture to the Milwaukee Public Market for sustenance. After eating we wandered around the Third Ward and went to an antique mall where I found some awesome blue chairs for NINETY dollars. Such a score.

We ended the day by waiting in line with a bunch of senior citizen's (seriously!) to get a drink at Elsa's. It is a beautiful bar and has a nice variety of drinks. I had a tasty champagne drink that came with sprinkles (yep). I held off on the $600 shot of scotch.

(MMM, sprinkles)
                                                            (Pretty bottle. Expensive scotch.)
The day ended with all of us stuffing our face with great cuban food and mojitos at Cubanitas. Unbelievably good food. I can still taste it. The pork. The beans, The plantains. The GARLIC. YUM.

Sunday, the day of rest a.k.a the day of decorating my apartment for the holidays!

Whoa, writing this made me tired.


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