Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's gone.

Almost. And thank goodness! Today was a looooong day at work and had me thinking about my ideal (is there such a thing?) work environment.

When considering my work environment, I know:
  • I am most happy working in a collaborative environment while still having the ability to work independently for some projects. 
  • I need to feel passionate (at least somewhat) about the organization's mission, topic, subject, etc. And so do my colleagues.
  • My sense of worth is based on people relying on me for multiple reasons. 
  • I enjoy being the person who has answers (not in the know-it-all sense) or can connect people to those who do have the answers. 
  • I thrive in chaos. I find sense within chaos.

  • I need to be learning.
  • I need to be fixing things/improving things/changing things.
  • My work environment needs to feel like a community.
  • I have to like my coworkers to enjoy my job. We don't need to be best friends, though.
  • I need to have fun at work. I need to laugh. I need to joke around with my coworkers. Of course, all while being very professional and productive.  
  • Most importantly, I need to be inspired creatively. Somehow. 
Aaaah, Someday.


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