Thursday, December 3, 2009

Denim Therapy

Have you heard of Denim Therapy? If not, the company will save your life. Uh, at least your denim. And your wallet.

I had two pair of my Paige jeans (ave cost for each $190) that had holes in them. The horror! I didn't want to attempt to patch them - no need to look like my dad in his barn jeans! And I was trying to save money so I did not want to buy a new pair.

Enter Denim Therapy. "Our repair is a genuine reconstruction of the original denim material. It is not a patch. It is new cotton thread and stitch applied to the broken denim area. "

Freakin' amazing, right?  I got my jeans in the mail and you can't tell there was ever a hole. The dye of the new threads match exactly and are woven in perfectly. I saved myself hundreds of dollars.

So, instead of running out and dropping $200 on a new pair of jeans, send them to the denim therapists at Denim Therapy! And then go buy yourself something nice ;)


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