Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Yeah for snow days. This girl does not have to go into work tomorrow! Who knew this could happen so early in the winter? I'm not complaining.

I'm seriously contemplating some new winter duds to get me through the season. I've put together a lil' outfit that I think would make my daily trek through the snow a wee bit better. That is, if it didn't get below freezing on a regular basis. This is definitely a fashion over function outfit and only for the warmer winter days!

Let's start at the top....

For my (large) noggin and even larger hair, The Jewell Cap by MakeedaYohariCrochet.

To keep body warm I would be rockin' this dark peacock blue woolen ruffle coat by PureHeartDesign.

For the five fingies on each hand I'm going to pretend it doesn't get below zero here and wear a pair of these gorgeous Sermoneta gloves in bordeaux (I like to mix random colors!):

Since gloves are the one thing I lose, I better get another pair. This is my other option but in dark red (though I really like the cream, for practical purposes I stay away from light-colored winter wear!):

And for the feet, you might wonder? Hmmm. There is no hope for finding fashion with winter boots. Ughhhh for Uggs. Yet, I do find the Keen Bern High Boot to be pretty sweet, considering....

If I had this outfit I might want to be walking in a winter wonderland every day.


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