Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello 2010!

New Year's Eve. It's coming up, kids! Are you ready? More importantly, do you have your outfit ready?

I actually don't think I have plans for New Year's Eve. Sad, I know. I'm going to pretend that I don't care. Honestly, NYE is overrated (really, it is). BUT, if I were doing something fabulous for NYE this, my dears, is what I would wear.

I've always wanted a sequin dress. They are glamorous, mod, and sexy all at once. Just like...me??

Gucci dress - Love how it's modest on the top, cinched at the waist and is then super short.

(Photo from envymag.com) 
Tights - I just can't do all black. And although I would love to go wild and add colored tights I don't want to distract from the dress. So gray tights it is...
(Photo from Express.com) 

Yves Saint Laurent ankle boots - Killer. A bit of shine to coordinate with the dress.

(Photo from bluefly.com) 
Accessories - These amazing Ranjana Khan Chain Tassel earrings that are 6 1/2 inches long.

(Photo from saksfifthavenue.com) 

So far this is a wonderfully glamorous outfit...for a girl who doesn't usually wear sequins and $500 earrings. Not only do I need to bring in a little color, I also need to add a lil' quirk to the mix. I think this cocktail ring from StudioLeanne is the perfect way to add an accent color and some playfulness. Plus, it's so big I could probably use it as a tray for my drinks and as a weapon to ward off all the men who will be trying to kiss me at midnight! Oh yeah.

(Photo from etsy.com) 
Now, let's get back to reality and find the sweatpants and fuzzy slippers I'll be spending my NYE's in....


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