Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear S. You should wear this. Love, B.

I've been slacking on Gossip Girl this season. Sometimes not having a tv can ruin a girl's life.

For those of you who watch GG, you know Blair Waldorf is rarely seen without her signature headband. She (look at me, talking about her like she is a real person...) is probably singlehandedly responsible for bringing them back full force.

They've been a trend for quite some time and for good reason.Headbands are both pretty and practical!

Now that my hair is getting longer I've finally started wearing my scarves again. But I need to mix it up and I keep trying on headbands but have yet to purchase. This needs to change.

Enter FeatherBrain- whimsical headbands with serious style. You can find her on Etsy. Her handmade feathered headbands are a modern take on 20s-era flapper fashion. Here are a few of my faves:


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