Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Death of the Glossy

It is often the simple things in life that make me happy.

The most perfect skim vanilla latte, getting to the bus stop just as my bus arrives, pb + bananas, and people who say "thank you" when you hold the door for them.

One of my simple daily perks during work is to go to the bookstore and spend an hour catching up on the latest design mags. To me, this simple act can improve my entire day.

For 60 minutes I am in heaven. I lose track of time and am transported to a world where my surroundings are no longer scuffed linoleum flooring, fluorescent lighting, generic white walls and people who mistake wrinkled khakis for professional attire.

Instead, I am lounging in the most beautiful mid-century modern abode in Silver Lake surrounded by my equally hip boho friends.

(Photo from apartmenttherapy.com via Beth Zeigler) 

Or I am making dinner in my modern kitchen, furnished with all the latest gadgets, with my Prada-clad hubby (a girl can dream).

(Photo from pointclickhome.com) 

If I meander over to the section of French magazines, I am instead transported to my villa in Champagne.

(Photo from www.aupresdeleglise.com)

I love magazines. Fashion, design, food, whatever. They are eye candy for the design obsessed. They are a simple pleasure, no matter your interest. And they are dying. Today, I.D. Magazine announced that its January/February issue would be the last.

A few months ago Gourmet and Metropolitan Home closed. At the beginning of the year, Domino died.

Yes, I admit that I didn't subscribe to these magazines (yikes, it's my fault!) and I instead spend countless hours reading design blogs. But taking a look at my bank account you will see that plenty of my money has been spent on magazines even if I was not a faithful subscriber.

There is nothing better than feeling the pages of a hot-off-the-press magazine in your hands while sipping a cup of coffee (like a skim vanilla latte!). The sound of changing the page on a never-read magazine; it is a crisp sound that can not be compared. The glossy paper, the colors, and the smell. Oh, the smell of fashion mags are my favorite!

I fear our world may become an uglier place if more magazines go to the magazine graveyard.


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