Thursday, December 24, 2009

Colorstrology....for Jesus!

I love Colorstrology. It's so fun to send the info to friends on their birthday. So, why not do it for good ol' Jesus, right?

I'm not too technologically savvy so I couldn't figure out how to paste the page in heremperfectly (weird flash stuff on my parent's ancient computer). But here is the basic info that is molto importante.

The big J's birth color is....Hunter Green!

He is determined, unusual (ya think?), and goal oriented. You can find more information at And while you are there find your own birth month and birth date color.


Anonymous said...

hehe. My color is: misty lilac. It has one flaw in says I'm good at dancing. Very, very wrong. Ha. Dave's color is: Deco Rose. Very manly.

Cute site, my friend.


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