Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'd Like to Live Here

I don't remember how I entertained myself on the ride into work before I had my "fancy fone." I refuse to call it a smart phone and fancy fone sounds so much But I digress...

ANYWAY, I need to entertain myself for about 25 minutes so it's the perfect time to peruse the various blogs I read, check Twitter and all that other jazz. Sometimes I come across something so fabulous I need to email it to myself to stare at it later on my humongo computer screen (you know, when I get into work and need to look at pretty photos whilst I drink my morning coffee).

This is one of those images. I love this room. I'd gladly live here if you'd let me.
Also, if you haven't checked out Anchor Division you should. I mean, you do like looking at great photos of stylish and ruggedly handsome men, don't you? Or, here's what they say about their blog: Men's Wear, Vintage Inspiration, with a hint of Architecture, Automobiles, Motorcycles, and all types of Art and Design. Hmmm...I guess since they're geared towards men they don't focus on the rugged and handsome part. Oh well.


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