Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am not sure what inspired my recent obsession with tortillas. Maybe it's Beth's constant consumption of quesa-deeeas, or my food blog infatuation. I mean, after looking at this post, how could you not crave a tasty carnitas treat? Oh, this one is pretty good too. If the Canal House makes their own homemade tortillas, you can too! I started my tortilla adventure by perusing a very useful cookbook by Karen Solomon: can it, bottle it, smoke it. This book includes recipes for important items I know you've been dying to try at home, like corn dogs, margarita popsicles, and english muffins.
Traditionally tortillas are made by curing maize in lime water to remove the corn kernel, then grinding and cooking. I was not in the mood for messing with calcium hydroxide, so I went the easy route. I headed to the Mexican grocery and soon returned with a giant bag of masa harina. A few hours later, the tortilla was mastered. I also picked up a few tomatillos for a quick salsa, and a few pounds of pork shoulder (aka pork butt, which confused me momentarily). The resulting meal was quite satisfactory. I highly suggest making your own tortillas. It's very easy (especially if you go the route I did with masa harina) even if you don't have a tortilla press, and you can use the excuse to practice Spanish phrases and dance around a smokey kitchen while drinking Mexican beer- olé

And there you have it kids. A post about corn.


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